Hard Hitting Laser Units

One of the development ideas that we are really excited about for Cradle of Humanity is the unit design. Because each unit is made of voxels, every block counts. Each block is a layer of armor, the barrel of a gun, a tank tread, or a power core. When these blocks take damage, and the unit functions accordingly. This makes unit design very important and the units you select need to match your play style.

These laser tanks are heavily armored units that pack a heavy punch. They can sustain a large amount of frontal assault, but have very little armor in the rear. If they are flanked, a few shots will take them out. The units are build around the Anvil chassis, and have a long build time.

The Hammer

The Hammer is used to push enemies in the direction you want them to go. It has a single laser cannon and two small energy blasters. Because of it's front armor,  other units can't stand up in a straight up fight and have to try and our maneuver it. A good strategy is to force your opponent to set up their counter attack against the Anvil.

The Anvil

If you get close to the Anvil, you are already dead. It's two tandem shard beams have a low range and poor accuracy, but shoot lasers like a shot gun. A line of Anvils will send laser fire into any oncoming threat, and anything caught between the Hammer and the Anvil won't survive.

The Nail

If a unit managed to escape the plan you set, there is a unit that's perfect for dispatching the lone survivor. The Nail has a long range Pulse Beam that can pick off vital components with pinpoint accuracy. It has the same armor as the Hammer and Nail, so it can hold it's own on the battlefield. If you see laser fire coming and don't know from where, it's probably the Nail.



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