Creating Levels

We are getting ever closer to our playable Alpha, and a big step is creating the maps where battles will take place. Our game takes place all over the solar system, so we are making the maps  look and feel like other worlds. This includes geological features, colour, strategic worth, and scale of the actual places we are trying to bring into the game. You will be able to battle on Earth, Mars, Venus, Europa and many more locations.

The Earth maps will be full of forests and mountains, as well as city centers. The trees will offer very little cover and can be knocked down by units running into them. Buildings will offer protection from enemy fire, but they are destructible. There will be several mission types where you have to either destroy or protect assets on the map like industrial centers. As bullets go flying, office towers will take hits and will eventually fall down.

Venus is a mining colony, and as such will have a lot of heavy machinery and industrial processes. The surface is covered in boulders and dangerous lava flows. Venus will also have three different heights that units can climb to, creating many stations for tactical advantages.

The Martian maps will be littered with craters and sharp valleys. Fighting among the tight positions between sharp features will be contrasted with wide open spaces for large scale combat to take place. The domes on Mars are especially vulnerable to stray bullets and are very difficult to defend.

The ice moons Europa and Enceladus have extensive water mining operations on their surface. The terrain is characterized by protruding ice and wide chasms. These are high valued facilities for the outer planets and thus are heavily defended.

We are very exited to continue to create maps and missions that leverage our combat system and challenge the players. Our game will create choke points and open plains where you can combine your custom units with your favorite tactics to defeat your enemy. We can't wait to get Cradle of Humanity into your hands and have you play it!

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