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Creating Levels

We are getting ever closer to our playable Alpha, and a big step is creating the maps where battles will take place. Our game takes place all over the solar system, so we are making the maps  look and feel like other worlds. This includes geological features, colour, strategic worth, and scale of the actual...

Hard Hitting Laser Units

One of the development ideas that we are really excited about for Cradle of Humanity is the unit design. Because each unit is made of voxels, every block counts. Each block is a layer of armor, the barrel of a gun, a tank tread, or a power core. When these blocks take damage, and the unit...

How Custom Units Work

Cradle of Humanity allows the player to create the units they want to use in the game. They will start with a basic set of parts, with many more available. As the player progress in the game, they will come against enemies and make allies that have different units and parts. They will be able...

Alpha Unit Screen Shots

Over the past few weeks we've gone through several iterations on our units and how they are being constructed. Our units are build from parts that the player can put together as well as mix and match. That means we have to design the units a certain way, and ensure the code can import all the parts and put them together in the right order. Here are some shots of older units and some we are working on right now.


This was one of our first demo units, a six wheeled cannon unit. It worked great, but we've since changed how our units are put together. As you can see from the exploded unit at the top of the post, our tracks are now left and right specific. This guy was build on a one piece chassis.

Another test unit, borrowing style points from the Thunder Tank. It's rendered is a slightly different that the first screen shot, just to play around with the art.


Two units side by side for comparison. They have different treads and weapons, but the rest is the same. The left unit is the exploded unit at the top of the post. This gives you a good idea of how our units are put together.

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