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Cradle of Humanity is a voxel RTS that puts you directly into the action. There are no bases to build, no economy to manage, no factions to choose.
Just pure tactics

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RTS Redefined

Cradle of Humanity is a  Real Time Strategy game that puts you in control. We believe in giving the player freedom of choice, including the freedom to fail. Our game allows you to create your own units to suit your play style and situation and choose the battles you want to fight in order to take back Earth.

Our engine allows players to place units exactly where they want them, and execute plans with extreme accuracy. You will be able to set ambushes, encircle enemies, smash though lines, flank and out maneuver your foe. You will be able to do all this with the units of your choice. If you can choose shields over armor, cannons over lasers, or make a unit that has them all. The choice is yours.

Game Features


Voxel Damage

The units in the game are all build with fully destructible voxels. There are no hit points, rather each unit takes damage based on where they are hit. Blocks of armour protect the Power Core that is the heart of every unit. Targeting a unit where it's armour is weakest will yield quick kills, if you can get your units into a flanking position without exposing your own weaknesses.

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Tactical Command

Our engine allows you to place your units exactly where you want them to be. This allows you toe to provide cover fire, share shields, setup ambushes and much more. Every move you make must be calculated as battlefield position and unit choice will dictate a win or loss. Our dynamic AI will continuously change it's tactics, overwhelming you if you do not do the same.


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Resources-less Combat

The only resource in Cradle of Humanity is time. There is no base building or economy micromanaging; we put you right into the heart of combat from start to finish. All teams are equally, with the winner being the one who can control the battle and deploy the best tactics for each situation.

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Unit Customization

You are not restricted to play a faction. As you progress in the game you can combine any unit component you find to create any unit you want. You can change your units on the fly as well, so if a situation calls for a long range attack you can build a set of sniper units. Later on the same map swap them out for close quarter brawler units. The choice is yours.

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Game Media



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The Team

We love games.

We build games that we want to play. This is the simple principle that guides our actions when we are designing and building our products.



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